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    Candidates are permitted to apply for additional IELTS Test Report Forms (TRFs) to be sent direct to Receiving Organisations for the two year period in their results remain valid. As we are no longer working with IDP Australia, this service will be provided IELTS Australia Head Office.

    Please note that IELTS Australia is not able to provide replacement copies of TRFs to candidates, nor will they send TRFs to individuals, residential addresses or agents. If you require your TRF to be sent to support a Visa application to another country, IELTS Australia will only send direct to the immigration authorities that are registered with the Global Recognition System at www.ielts.org.

    Candidates wishing to apply should contact ielts.further.assist@idp.comfor further instructions.

    All TRFs to be sent outside the Australia will be sent by courier (DHL, FEDEX etc) and destinations within the Australia will be sent by registered Post. There is currently no charge for this service.

    Enquiry on Results

    If you wish to apply for an enquiry on results (EOR) you should accurately complete all parts of the IELTS Enquiry on Results Form and email to ielts.further.assist@idp.com, This service will be provided by IELTS Australia Pty Ltd.

    You will receive confirmation of your application and further information regarding payment options.

    For all other queries please email ielts.further.assist@idp.com


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