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    On this page we tried to gather all the frequently asked questions about international exam IELTS.

    What is the cost of the exam?

    Current cost of the exam is here.

    What do I need to take with me for the exam?

    You need to have an identity document (passport), which you specified in the Application Form.

    You will be provided with utensils.

    What am I not allowed to bring with me into an examination room?

    It is forbidden to take mobile phones, books (including dictionaries), electronic devices and PDAs (personal digital assistants).

    Do I take all components of the exam on the same day?

    Listening, Reading and Writing are always in strict order on the same day. Speaking part may be scheduled either on the same day or within 7 days before or after the written test date. 

    Is there extra time to transfer my answers onto the answer sheet in the Reading part?

    No. The duration of Reading - 60 minutes. You must read, answer questions and transfer your answers to the Answer sheet during this time.

    Is it possible to carry out the Writing part in pen?

    Yes, test takers may use a pen or pencil.

    How is the speaking part conducted?

    Speaking takes place in the form of individual interviews with qualified examiner. Please note: according to the international standards and requirements, your speech is recorded on a voice recorder.

    When will I know the results of IELTS?

    You certificate will be issued on the 13th day after the exam.

    What document will I receive after passing the IELTS exam?

    You will receive an international IELTS certificate in English with scores for each section and the total score for the exam.

    How can I collect the certificate?

    You may collect the certificate in our office. If you cannot collect the document yourself, the certificate can be given to the third party - in this case you must fill the letter of atthorney. Moreover, the certificate can be sent to your address (please, write the request to the ielts@bkc.ru)


    NB! The certificate will be kept in the office only for 2 years.

    Can I receive additional copies of my results?

    No, you will only be issued with one copy of the results. BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre sends additional copies to the specified organizations through Russian Post.

    Is it possible to obtain a new Test Report Form if I lose mine?

    Test taker is issued with only one copy. Issuance of the second copy is impossible. However you can apply for the issuance of additional TRFs and we will send them to the specified organizations.

    When can I retake the test?

    You can resit the test on any available date or if there are additional places left. Look up the test dates here.

    Will my previous results be cancelled if I retake the exam?

    The results are valid for 2 years, so you can use the results you think are the most suitable.

    Can I cancel the exam or postpone it?

    Yes, you can, if you do so 5 weeks or more prior the exam date. If you decide to cancel the test within 5 weeks, you will not be eligible for refund.

    What should I do if I cannot come to the exam at the same time without having a good reason?

    Refunds shall not be granted if you have not appeared in the exam. The only exceptions are cases where you can afford to videoconferencing BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre of a medical certificate (signed and stamped) confirming that you could not attend the exam, as well as force majeure: natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) terrorist acts.
    The application for refund must be submitted to the administration of videoconferencing BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre no later than 5 working days after the date of the test.
    BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre has the right to keep the candidate with 30% of the cost of the exam.

    What if I am not happy with the result?

    Within 4 weeks after receipt of the results (the 13th day), you may request an appeal in the test center where you take the exam. The cost of your appeal is fully refundable only if your result changes after rechecking. Documents for requesting an appeal IELTS here.

    What if I forgot when handed over previous exam?

    Information on the date of submission of the previous exam is very important, so if you need to contact with the test center where you previously passed the exam, and to clarify the date.

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