BKC-ih Moscow IELTS Centre has been an official IELTS exam centre in Russia since 2005
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    Nizhnii Novgorod. Language school «LSC Лингва сервис Центр»

    Language school «LSC Лингва Сервис Центр" is the official partner of «BKC International House» from 2008. Many candidates took the opportunity to pass an international IELTS exam in Nizhny Novgorod.
    Our school working in cooperation with BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre five years. We have acquired a great experience for hosting sessions IELTS, prepare candidates to successfully pass the exam,
    have the opportunity to conduct professional seminars, trainings and presentations on international exam IELTS. LSC teachers are holding free seminars about IELTS every month.                                                                                                                                    
    It is very important before to pass any international exam to know level of training so we invite all who wish to pass the Mock Exam. IELTS One Day Course (Mock Exam) allows you to determine your level of candidates and preliminary score and give the opportunity to work on the bugs before putting the main exam. High scores in the IELTS certificate is available upon completion of the courses, which are senior teachers LSC, IELTS certificate holders with an average score of at least 8.                                                                                                                                                                 
    Every year in September - October, together with its partners, we hold "Day of IELTS in Nizhny Novgorod." The program is made so that the eight hours of active work of the participants of the event received full information on international exams IELTS. Mandatory and are useful workshops and videoconferences with teachers who are professionals in IELTS exam.

    The level of organization and holding of sessions in Nizhny Novgorod, the best show reviews candidates' impressions are positive:

    "Exam passed quietly without any negative manifestations on the part of the examiner and the student"

    "The format of the exam requires a lot of effort and concentration."

    "LSC staff have done their best to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere"

    "Everything was clear, according to instructions and routine."

    "Extremely attentive coordinators,  preliminary information on the exact time, place and the rules of the test"

    "Very friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the organizers"

    "Visiting courses helped me to successfully pass the exam IELTS. My English level has increased significantly, and I learned how to better carry out examination tasks."

    Given the importance of the certificate IELTS, interest in the international exams increases, and it becomes one of the most sought after.