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    Appeal Process


    You have the right to appeal against your IELTS test results but must do so within six weeks of your test date. You can only lodge an appeal once. The results obtained after the appeals process are final.


    The procedure for the appeals process is the following:


    1. The candidate must fill in an Enquiry on Results Form. Candidates are entitled to request a full re-mark (i.e. all modules) or a partial re-mark (i.e. one or more modules) of their original results.


    2. A re-mark fee of 9500 RUB is to be paid in advance and is the same for a full or partial re-mark.


    3. The candidate must submit the original Test Result Form


    4. The candidate must wait approximately 2-8 weeks to be notified of the results. Please note that no extra copies can be provided during the re-mark process. The candidate will be notified via email once the final results are known.


    5. If a candidate is awarded a higher score than the original, a new Test Report Form (TRF) will be issued by the Test Centre with the new score(s). A full refund will also be issued to the candidate.


    6. If there is no improvement in score, the candidate will be notified. The original TRF will be returned to the candidate and there will be no refund of the re-mark fee.


    You can receive your results Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00.


    You or your representative can collect your results from the testing centre, for which you will be required to fill in this form (download, 123 kb).


    The documents required for the appeals process can be downloaded here