BKC-ih Moscow IELTS Centre has been an official IELTS exam centre in Russia since 2005
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  • MBA Centre

    MBA Centre is a unique project aimed at providing an effective language preparation for everybody who is planning to enroll in universities and work in Russia or abroad. The programmes of the centre help students to develop and improve their academic knowledge and skills needed for entering a university and successful studying.

    Why should I study here at MBA Centre?

    - Every ambitious student wants to live and study at a leading university. At our Centre we turn that ambition into reality with 90% of our students.

    - Support in every step of the way

    - A world class student experience

    Why are language skills so valuable?

    Presently, we live in an increasingly competitive marketplace and there is an increasing, ever-present need for strong language skills. Consequently, language skills are in high demand from employers and graduates who lack these vital language skills are losing out to their better-qualified, culturally aware, multilingual peers.

    What sets language learners out from the crowd?

    Not only does the ability to speak another language allow you to stand out from the crowd, but it also significantly increases the amount of opportunities available to you. We live in an increasingly globalized society, where many employers are multi-national companies who need employees who can easily communicate with international contacts or clients. As a result, intercultural awareness and strong communication skills are great assets. Moreover, multilingual workers have the flexibility and mobility to choose where they work; they are not restricted to just one country like their monolingual peers. Added to the fact that language learners clearly exemplify their persistence, resilience and motivation through their commitment to learning a foreign language, many multilingual employees are likely to have spent a significant amount of time studying, working and/or living abroad. 

    Our IELTS Preparation course is specially designed to optimise your test potential. You will receive individual attention from your teacher and advice about how to approach each section of the test. To enter this course you will require an Intermediate English language level or above.


    Studying the IAPC programmes means being immersed in a professional, international academic environment. Entry-tests keep the quality of students high, making for a highly challenging and rewarding experience.
    Part of the objective is to introduce students to university life, so the method of teaching is similar to university, including lectures followed by tutorials. Teaching methods are flexible, as long as it covers the syllabus, so materials and different styles are welcome as long as they are approved by the Academic Director, who will also provide teacher support.

    IELTS Preparation with Academic English

    IELTS or International English Language Testing System assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. Our IELTS with English courses not only prepare students for the IELTS exam, but also give guidance on academic study techniques for use at an English-speaking university.


    More information

    Address: 3-5, b.1, Gazetny Side-street, Moscow, Russia, 125009

    Office hource:
    From Monday to Friday: 10:30AM - 7:30PM
    Saturday and Sunday: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

    Phone: (499)372-00-12

    E-mail: academic@bkc.ru