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  • Any exam is a procedure in which the candidates encounter special terminology. This can be unclear to people who face taking an international exam for the first time, which is why we have designed a special IELTS glossary for the people who can come across such terminology at the exam.


    are people taking the IELTS exam: anyone wishing to assess their knowledge of English or to obtain a certificate for work or  education abroad.

    An Invigilator

    is someone who familiarizes candidates with the instructions at each stage of the exam. In order to do all the tasks correctly. you have to listen to the invigilator carefully.

    An Examiner

    is an experienced teacher of English who has the highest qualifications (certificates and diplomas CELTA, DELTA, TESOL) listed in the framework of international standards; who has passed the procedure of standardization and certification in an official  IELTS exam centre; who is entered in the  World Register of  examiners. 

    Mock exam

    exam, which introduces the candidate to the test format. It represents an authentic reproduction of the actual examination of the situation in compliance with all rules and procedures. This exam is conducted by using special mock materials sent by the University of Cambridge.

    Authentic materials

    IELTS Exam materials are used for test sessions and the issuing of a certificate. According to the rules, all unused materials are destroyed within 48 hours. The use of authentic materials for the preparation  and  conduct of mock exams is  prohibited.

    Information for Candidates

    a brochure for the candidate which introduces  the format and structure of the exam. This material is issued to each person registered for the exam.

    A Question Booklet

    a form  with questions and tasks from   Listening, Reading and Writing, which  are answered by  the candidates. Responses are transferred to the Answer Sheet. 

    An Answer Sheet

    a form for the transfer of  answers of  Listening and Reading tasks. The answers are tested in this form, so it is important to have time to enter  all the necessary information. Corrections are not allowed.


    There is a global test calendar developed by the creators of the exam. Any test center in the world has the right to choose which set dates to run an examination and the frequency of test sessions, but it can not set a date for a test session at random. The applicant shall have the right to choose any of the dates proposed  by the center and may take the exam an  unlimited number of times. There are no restrictions on re-taking IELTS  or  on the time interval between attempts to take  the exam by  the candidate. See the next dates.

    IELTS certificate

    a document with a summary of results and the assessment of each section of the exam. The IELTS certificate also has a  photograph of the  candidate .  Only one copy of the certificate is issued. The issuing of a second copy is not possible. Additional copies for the duration of the certificate may be sent to the host organization. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

    Host organizations

    embassies and educational institutions, organizations within the official list of host organizations. Copies of the certificate will be sent to employers subject to their official request.