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    Test Report Form – extra copies

    Candidates are not eligible to obtain extra copies for their own use.

    Extra copies can be provided to educational institutions, embassies/consulates and employers of the candidate.

    In accordance with international standards, ВКС-IH Moscow IELTS Centre can only send extra copies to organizations that are included in the Global Rеcognition System (a complete list is available here:

    Extra copies will be available within 2 working days after the application has been submitted.

    If no recipients of extra copies are mentioned in the application, you can send the details to before the test date, with your full name and the test date.

    Extra copies can be sent free of charge via Russian Post after receiving confirmation from the candidate. You will be able to track it on the Russian Post website using your unique tracking code: . BKC-IH IELTS Moscow Centre is not responsible for the delivery of your Test Report Form by Russian Post.

    For faster delivery, candidates can use an express shipping service (DHL, PonyExpress и др.), in which case the delivery fees will be paid by the candidate.

    Before requesting an extra copy, candidates are advised to confirm the requirements with the organization the copies will be delivered to. Please note that it is the candidate’s responsibility to obtain this information.

    Free extra copies

    Up to five free copies of the original certificate can be provided. The details should be provided in the candidate’s Application Form before the test date and the candidate must send confirmation to within one month after the results release day.  The candidate’s full name, the test date, the city (for local centres) and a list of recipients with their full mailing addresses should be included in the email.

    Extra copies will be posted via Russian Post free of charge once the confirmation has been received by BKC-IH Moscow IELTS Centre.

    No changes can be made in the list of recipients included in the Application Form after the test date.

    Paying for extra copies

    More copies can be provided by ВКС-IH Moscow IELTS Centre, at extra cost, within 2 years after the test date; the cost of one extra copy is 1500 RUB (delivery by Russian Post is included)

    Express shipping services, if required, are to be paid for by the candidate.

    Receiving extra copies in person – special cases

    An extra copy can be obtained by the candidate in person if it is to be submitted to the following organizations:

    - UK Border Agency
    - Сanadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC)
    - Quebec Skilled Worker or Quebec Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities or Quebec Immigration

    The following conditions apply:

    - Extra copies can only be provided for IELTS General Training module
    - A written confirmation of the candidate’s appointment at the organization is required

    Accessing your results online

    Your organization can access your test results online. For this, you will be required to fill out an application form granting public access to your results that can be sent to

    This service is provided free of charge.

    You will not have access to the electronic copy of your certificate, but the organization that has requested access to your results will be able to access the electronic copy if it has an agreement with the British Council.

    Certain organizations, such as Yale University Graduate School of Art & Sciences и Yale University - Office of Undergraduate Admissions only accept electronic copies:

    "..Applying to Yale University?

    Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and Office of Undergraduate Admissions only accept electronic delivery of results.

    Don’t risk your application by sending a hard copy."
    Test Report Form Number

     Some organizations can use your IELTS Test Report Form Number to verify your results.

    Unfortunately, your cannot be given your Test Report Form Number due to the risk of you wrongly obtaining another candidate’s results should your organization search for a wrong number by  mistake.


    At any event, we advise that you confirm requirements with your organization before requesting extra copies or other services.

    Document forms available here